Remembering Srebrenica Bosnia trip

After attending the ‘Remembering Srebrenica’ conference in Oxford a few weeks ago, I applied for their visits program.

I have become ever more excited about the possibility of organizing an exhibition that continues and extends the ideas I started to work on for ‘latent‘. The potential to explore these themes further whilst also extending the ways of remembering in a creative visual way is really exciting too. I think the potential is huge and also very exciting.

I found out last week that I have been selected to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina with Remembering Srebrenica on one of their ‘Lessons From Srebrenica’ visits. I leave next week and I am very excited!

The program enables interested individuals the opportunity to learn first hand the awful events that happened in Bosnia, meet survivors and visit key sites. In return delegates pledge to do something to share their experiences and educated groups back home.

I am looking forward to my visit and I’m really excited to develop a new project.

Watch this space…