8372 Cards


Set of 3 cards

50% of sales will go to the charity Remembering Srebrenica.

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A set of 3 cards from the 8372 cards project. 8372 cards was a participatory art project created to commemorate the 23rd anniversary of the fall of Srebrenica, during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For this project 8372 business cards were printed, each one representing each of the men and boys killed during the srebrenica genocide. Business cards represent identity, status and the ability to make contact, many of those who died still remain missing.

Individually numbered with an automatic stamp each card retains an identity without being named. Volunteers were asked to participate in this process. Numbering was an important part of the piece of work. It conceptually represents the condemnation of each of the individual victims and the process engaged each volunteer to directly consider more deeply the events and actions of 23 years ago.