Forensic Anthropology Conference – Kent University

Written in Bone: Multidisciplinary approaches to victim identification

​I took the opportunity to visit this fascinating conference that explored Forensic Anthropology Conference – Kent University various aspects of forensic anthropology.

The day was packed with a huge variety of topics and speakers:

Dr Nicholas Marquez-Grant (Cranfield University): The Role of the Forensic Anthropologist in the UK
Paloma Galzi (Galzi Forensics Limited): The Art in Forensic Identification
Dr Tom Booth (Museum of London): Bacterial Bioerosion of Bone: A Window into the Early Post Mortem period?
Dr Chris Shepherd (University of Kent): Ballistic Impacts to the Skull: Using Simulants and Technology to Recreate Trauma
Dr Lucina Hackman (University of Dundee):
Dr Mark Skinner (Simon Fraser University & University of York): Case Histories in Casting Doubt: Forensic anthropology and the Defense
Prof Robert Green OBE (University of Kent): An exhumation case study
Howard Way (National Disaster Victim Identification Unit – UK DVI): Disaster Victim Identification in the UK