Considering blindfolds found in mass graves in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Since visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina my fascination with blindfolds found in mass graves has developed to further explore the timeline of events in Srebrenica.

  1. Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims), Croats and Serbs had lived happily together in communities for years.
  2. Coffee is an important social community tie.
  3. On 31st May 1992 Bosniaks (bosnian Muslims) made to wear white armbands and hang white flags or sheets from their homes to mark them apart from their Serbian neighbors.
  4. The destruction of communities began setting neighbours against neighbours.
  5. The mass execution, genocide of all Muslim men and boys over 150cm. Blindfolded and with arms tied behind their backs.
  6. Forensic anthropologists uncovered blindfolds found in mass graves and because the same fabric continued to be seen in many mass graves the  evidence was used to prove genocide.
  7. Families tried to return to their homes but many find serb families had often moved in and they were often served coffee in their own homes out of their own coffee cups.

It is this interpretation of events that placed together has deeply moved and inspired me.