Momentary 2016

beef casing and bone ash

Fragile memory is delicate and brief, memories only partially remembered, brief glimpses of our past but almost always incomplete.

Sum 2016

ceramic, pork casings and fibre optics

Mass graves contain the remains of many individuals each with their own memories and individuality.

These atrocities are perpetuated through history in an endless cycle.

Weight 2016

concrete breeze block, pewter and cotton

The burden of some memory is impossible to shift, it is dragged through entire lives, even through generations.Precious memory is often part of these difficult memories integrated and impossible to separate.

Marked 2016

embroidered ribbon

The endlessness of atrocities of war are explored through the act of labelling.

Labels determine individuality but these labels are all the same, individuality is often lost during war.

* Fjöldamorð – Massacre
Bjóðarmorð – Genocide
Þjoðernishreinsunum – Ethnic cleansing

* Iceland is a country with some of the least conflict in modern history – violent words spoken in a non violent language.

Lay Waste 2016

ink on paper

Lace impressions in ink as a metaphor for both individuality and loss. Discarded and thrown away like so many individuals within mass graves.

Evaporate 2016

knitted undyed yarn, food colouring and alum salt

Singularly alone, the feeling of loss – lonely, empty, bleak and tearful.

Evaporation also reminds us of the soul leaving the body and rising.

Atoms that make us cannot be created, changed or destroyed. Like salt crystals they continue to exist but in a different form.

Latent – a walk through my exhibition at The Crypt Gallery

Presence 2016

recycled paper pulp and white car paint

Using the catalogues and waste post left at the site from the previous VW business, I have cast in paper pup, the negative impression of a VW Golf MK2 car seat. The paper pulp retains the textural surface of the seat fabric and the shape in negative relief , leaving us with a sense of the object but remaining changed and at odds with our perception of what we should expect.

This piece alludes to the impression of the space and what it was once used for but also of a personal memory of a MK2 golf that I part exchanged at the same garage 10 years ago.